Sylvia Tippmann

I am a freelance Data Scientist combining the power of words + code.

Currently based in London.

Micro CV

  • Bioinformatician, PhD
  • Science Journalist, MA
  • Data Scientist, by nature

Working for BBC News Labs, DECODED, some news outlets and my own curiosity.

Tell Me More

The things I do.

My education and skill-set are an unusual mix, but I make use of the overlap these subject areas in all my work. Its hard to describe in a few words but the chart below may help.

Computational Genomics

Bioinformatics (Biology + Informatics) and Genome Research has been the focus of everything between my Bachelor studies and PhD project while moving from Germany via Australia and Austria to Switzerland. Between the terminal and the lab I learned about what's happending inside a stem cell and a neuron and why parallisation is a good thing if you want to go home early. In computer science sharing code and insights has priority over competition and fame - I want to keep this practice in journalism and wherever I go.

Science- & Data-Journalism

Scientific research and journalism have one thing in common: Investigation. A scholarship allowed me to trade depth with breadth for a year studying Science Journalism at New York University and City University in London. I played more than I ever wanted with the English language, in text, audio and video production. Naturally I used data to dig out and tell stories - they call it data journalism but what is 'non-data' journalism anyway? Work(ed) with: Nature News, The Guardian, The Conversation and BBC News Labs.

Data Science & Analytics

I made my first out-of-academia experience as a scientific consultant in drug discovery. Its an important field but not the only one to cultivate the inner nerd. Every industry from science to finance to media can learn from quantitative insights, I am multi-curious towards these fields. After many years of programmatic problem solving I still see myself as a generalist: more into colours an communication than a usual data analyst and way more into stats than a web-developer. Native in R but languages can be learned.


This is a selection of the work I published over the last year while studying Science Journalism at New York University and City University in London. Find a complete listing of articles at


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